About Wederzijds

What is Wederzijds?

The association ‘Wederzijds’, meaning mutual respect and interest, travels with small groups from The Netherlands to developing countries. In doing this, we visit several groupings who strive for the improvement of their existence and to change their society. Wederzijds’ travellers want to get acquainted with that struggle and try to build up a permanent contact. The fact is that we do want to show solidarity with groupings who fight against poverty, exploitation and oppression. By having these contacts we hope to be inspired to make a contribution from The Netherlands to that struggle. That means: trying to influence the way the rich countries act economically and politically, so that a more just world-economy comes into existence with equal chances for everyone.

Wederzijds is no supplier of funds and does not wish to be either. We are not money raisers, although Wederzijds can sometimes help in forming contacts between groupings in developing countries and funds in The Netherlands. Occasionally it is successful in getting small amounts of money for small-scaled projects of groupings who have contact with Wederzijds, by way of funds in The Netherlands. But the main aim is the mutual contact in which the Wederzijds’ members and the groupings in the countries visited, inform each other about their activities. In this way we hope to contribute fully to real solidarity; solidarity instead of development-aid, in which aid is often given with one hand and taken back by the other, through maintaining an unjust economical system.

Momentarily the Wederzijds association consists of three working groups for Brazil, India and Indonesia. These groups organise the journeys and maintain the contacts with the groupings visited. Of course there is also contact among the working groups, namely through the six-monthly meetings of the association. Besides that, there is a Contact-periodical which comes out five times a year, in which reports of the journeys and the correspondence are published.

Now and then contact may be made between groupings from the various countries visiting Wederzijds. In this way for example, a group from India and a group from Brazil can exchange information and keep each other informed of new ways to keep up the struggle.
The central address of the association Wederzijds is:

Prins Bernardstraat 4
3417 AD Montfoort
The Netherlands

Phone: +31-(0)30-2680541
E-mail: bestuurwederzijds@gmail.com